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          after school care

          kindergarten through 5th grade

          (click here to print application)

          the after school care program (asc) is a service offered for mvca students, providing supervision from the conclusion of the school day until they can be picked-up by a parent or guardian. this supervision is in an educational, nurturing environment. enrollment in the program is purely voluntary and can be used as needed.

          pricing: the asc program costs $6.00 per hour, per child – up to 6:00 pm the price per half-hour is $3.00 per child – up to 6:00 pm after 6:00 pm there is a charge of $10.00 per child, for every 15-minute time period until the child is picked up.

          • signing in/out: all k-6 students who are not picked up by 3:00 pm will automatically be signed into the asc program. the student log will be kept with the asc supervisor.

          • the daily schedule will be as follows:

          3:00-3:15 pm   check in/snack

          3:15-4:30 pm   reading/quiet play/homework

          4:30-6:00 pm    free play (playground area or elementary gymnasium)

          • location: the main area for the asc program will be a shared space with the elementary teacher’s lounge. this is located down the hallway from the worship arts center, on the left. pick up will actually take place from the outside entrance, which will require driving around the elementary building to the playground area. the entrance to asc is the door to the back of the elementary building, which faces the playground. parking will be available along the back of the elementary building, or in the church parking lot. please do not drive in the playground area as children may be playing.

          • pick up: no unauthorized persons should pick up a student from asc. in the event that a new person comes to sign out a child, a call will be placed to the parent prior to release. all ‘exceptional’ cases will require a written note from the parent to permit a new person to pick up. all notes received will be retained in the asc binder.

          • hours of operation:  asc is a service provided to parents and students for the benefit of both. all students must be picked up no later than 6:00 pm a financial penalty of $10.00 for each 15-minute interval (whole or partial) per child past 6:00 pm will be assessed.

          • students in the asc program will not be permitted to remain in their classrooms or assist teachers after school. any exceptions will be made in writing by the elementary teacher. students should come to the asc program prepared with homework, paper, pencils, etc., and will not be permitted to return to their classroom. students will be permitted to use the restroom, get a drink of water, etc., in groups of no more than two.

          • snacks: the drinks and snacks in the vending machines are not available for an asc snack. parents will be given the opportunity to purchase a wholesome snack through the asc program (snack and juice box) at the cost of $1.00 per day. the cost of the snack will be included in the monthly billing statement. because of the inconsistency of students’ attendance in asc, we must implement an “all or none” procedure per student. parents are requested to indicate whether they prefer a snack provided by asc each time their student attends asc, or if they prefer to provide a snack from home each time. it is imperative that asc be notified in writing if any child has any food allergies.

          • dress code: students are expected to remain in dress code while in asc. any exceptions will require written parental consent, including the time of student pick-up. the student will be permitted to change clothes five minutes prior to stated parent pick-up time.

          • discipline: students are to conduct themselves in the same manner in which they are expected during the regular school day at mvca. all of the behavior/discipline regulations found in the parent/student handbook are applicable, including suspension or expulsion from the asc program. in the event that a student does not follow the rules, demerits will be issued.

          • personnel conduct: the asc staff is an extension of miami valley christian academy. hence, the staff will be a positive promoter of the school, staff, administration and program. the staff will provide:

          1. a safe environment for students

          2. a loving environment for students

          3. a well-maintained structure for students

          • billing: at month end, the student’s monthly attendance log will be presented to you for signature and submitted to the business office for invoice processing. all accounts are required to have an electronic form of payment on file.  a past due account will prohibit participation in asc until account is brought current.

          • miscellaneous

          1. information about students and parents must be current.

          2. no payments will be accepted by asc personnel.

          3. all billing questions should be directed to the business office, (513) 272-6822.

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